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Alexa is originally from Las Vegas, NV which explains her addiction to gambling... penny slot machines. Alexa is a graduate of the Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago where she received a BFA in Acting.

Alexa has extensive improv and comedy training from Upright Citizens Brigade, Groundlings, and Lesly Kahn and Company. She is a founding member of the all-female comedy team Radcliffe. In addition to comedy, Alexa enjoys working as a voice-over actor and motion capture performer.

Alexa is an animal lover and avid reader with an impressive pink themed bedroom. Her favorite movie is "Braveheart" if you ever want to do a stellar impression of William Wallace for her you'll win brownie points.* Alexa's biggest dream is world peace and/or unlimited pizza for life.

*Brownie points not redeemable


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